Give Your Business A Step Up

Gain and maintain clients with our carefully tailored membership packages, all designed to support your business through to the next level.

Supporting you wherever you are.

These Benefits Are On Us

We provide a range of free benefits, for all professionals –  whether you are a member or not. Great for you and great for us – we need a strong stable network of qualified people to whom we can make referrals and we hope you like the benefits below!


A listing in our online directory

Create or update your listing to ensure your details are available and easy to find


Opportunities for blogging and brand ambassadors

Get noticed and your voice heard


Add yourself to our pool of remote beauty specialists

For opportunities to help our clients remotely at mutually agreeable times


Keep on top of the latest industry news


Network with other specialists and related professionals

As part of our wider network


Receive ongoing commission from Viva Health Box supplements

For every referral you make

Bursting With Benefits For Members

With all personal trainers, our members don’t need to be a big business to have the support or presence of a big business.

We help improve:

      • Customer Satisfaction
      • Customer Loyalty
      • Conversion Rates

Years of experience

      • We’ve taken our years of experience in supporting local businesses across the UK to put together the type of support demanded by businesses like yours.

Make sure you never miss an opportunity.

      • New and existing customers need to make contact whenever, wherever and however, it suits them.
      • We can take enquiries at your customers’ convenience, keeping them satisfied and giving you the space to look after your business with virtual receptionist services including:
        • Live Receptionist; Phone and Web Chat
        • Dedicated Business Phone Number, Web-Page And Email Address
        • Plus Your Own IT Support

Low rates

      • These are only possible because of our fixed price plans, making it easier for us to deliver our fantastic service.


      • all personal trainers can provide the online presence that once, may have been considered too costly.

An extra boost for your business!

As we have a relationship with Viva Health Box  we can provide members of All Personal Trainers, the ability to be a ‘re-seller’ of and receive leads from users of Viva Health Box.

Plus, the ONLY local trainers and coaches that Viva Health Box recommend are our members!

As a nutritionist, you’ll be aware that the ideal solution for those wanting a healthy diet and lifestyle doesn’t necessarily include supplements, but that for some clients, this can be the best choice to meet their needs. Hence our arrangement with Viva Health Box, which means that wherever possible, Viva Health Box clients are provided with details of their local All Personal Trainers member.


Set-up includes creating or refreshing your business design and branding, logo, website, leaflets, social media imagery plus set-up or improve seo, social media, email campaigns, local rate phone number, business emails and more.


Answering phone calls when you are busy or providing chat and message facilities on your website, sending social media and email campaigns, there are many ways our staff provide support and help to your business.

Find out more

All Personal Trainers would love to hear from you, please use the form below and one of our Business Development Managers will contact you. You can also send an email to

All Personal Trainers

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